From sr Geneviève to Brother Siméon - January 10, 1897.



From sr Geneviève to Brother Siméon - January 10, 1897.

+ Jesus                                                          J.MJ.T.

Carmel of Lisieux (Calvados)

10th January 1897

Dear Brother Siméon,

       If it were not for the joy that this new opportunity presents for me to express how much your two little Carmelites think of you, I would be ashamed to keep writing to you for the same manifest favour. The great grace which, through you, Very dear Brother, was granted to your two little friends has made many envious (at their request, he had obtained the Apostolic Blessing for the professions of Thérèse 8/9/1890 and Sister Geneviève 24/2/1896). The other day our dear Jubilarian Sr. St. Stanislaus, who is preparing to celebrate her Golden anniversary on 8th February, said to our Mother: “What would please me for my fiftieth anniversary is if our little Sisters wrote to dear Brother [lv°] Siméon asking him for a blessing from our beloved Holy Father for me.” How can one refuse such a touching and legitimate request! So our Mother gave me the sweet task of writing to you.

       We thank you in advance, Brother, and ask you to forgive us for all the trouble we are causing you. But in return, rest assured that your little Carmel of Lisieux has a large place for you in its heart… Often, when talking about our dear Father, the memory of whom will never be forgotten here, we remember dear Brother Siméon, his friend, and both Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus and I are very proud to know you (they knew him through contacts but had never met him. Sister Geneviève would later ask him for a photo in order to be able to “know Br. Siméon too”. On 21st or 22/11/1887, Mr. Martin met the Brother alone, while Céline and Thérèse were in Naples and Pompeii). But be careful, Very dear Brother, I fear that you may pay dearly for your affection for us! I fear that further opportunities may present themselves (Carmelites don’t know limits) and that your ambassadresses [2r°] will write to you again begging for the same privilege. I will tell you in a whisper in all simplicity that this bothers me. I think it is our turn to give something to you and do you a kindness. Well, I do what obedience demands and what comforts me is thinking that my Spouse Jesus will repay you for me and give you all that my heart would like to give you a hundred times over…

       There is something else that would please the two little Romans. We came back from Rome with a great devotion to the gentle virgin St. Cecilia, and we remember a painting that was placed, I believe, near the Baths where she suffered martyrdom. The painting represents an Angel crowning Cecelia and Valerian with lilies and roses. We found it particularly striking, and it would be a sweet consolation for us to have a photograph of this painting; it exists, for we [2v°] remember having seen it. Since then we have tried to get it; we even wrote to the Sisters at the Convent, the guardians of the tomb, but they did not answer. Then we thought that it would only be through a Friend that this consolation could be given to us. The smallest reproduction, even if it isn’t stuck on card, would please us enormously.

       Forgive me, Very dear Brother, for this letter of request, it’s the letter of someone Poor!... Ah! I haven’t told you how happy I have been since I pronounced my Holy Vows last year. I wouldn’t give up my place for an empire!...

       Sr. Th. Of the Child Jesus and I are trying to become saints and we would very much like to reach Heaven soon. She is paving the way, she’s an Angel… Love is consuming her life and her fragile chest is giving us cause for serious worry. I’m sending in this letter a set of verses that she composed (PN-17); this is merely one flower out of the beautiful bouquet she is leaving to her religious family. With this letter I’m also sending a photograph of a picture that was painted in the Community.

A thousand times thank you, Reverend and Very dear Brother, your humble and little sister and friend.

Geneviève of St. Teresa

Unw. carm. nun.

[lv°tv] P. S. – Very dear Brother, our Mother has allowed me to tell you (it’s a secret) that the Sister who painted the picture had me sit for St. Catherine and Sr. Th. of the Child Jesus [2r°tv] for Joan of Arc. They say it is such a good likeness that the photograph can’t leave here. – Now you know your little friends. Oh! How we’d like to know you too!

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