From sr Geneviève to Brother Siméon - January 27, 1897.

From sr Geneviève to Brother Siméon - January 27, 1897.


+ Jesus                           J.M.J.T.                           Carmel of Lisieux

                                                                                   27th January 97

         Dear Brother Siméon,

       How can I express my joy! Gratitude is overflowing from my heart in great waves. You have acted as a Father and I say thank you to you as a child. Yes, your exquisite consideration touched me deeply, it reminded me of our dear Papa who was always so willing to spoil us, seeking all means to please us and tirelessly giving. So in the evening in mediation I said to Jesus: “Oh! If Very dear Brother Siméon is so, so good, how good will you be?...” And my soul melted into a feeling so sweet that it made me shed tears. Oh, yes! If creatures can be so good, how good will God be? Thinking of the answer should drive us mad with happiness!

       [lv°] Very dear Brother, oh! Why have you done so much for your little Carmelites?... The Holy Father’s blessing, which I won’t even try to thank you for; our Mother will do that herself and express all the joy her daughters feel. – The beautiful photograph of St. Cecelia… it brought back springtime memories to my heart, it had a very sweet effect on me; I had desired it so much and for so long! But this is all too beautiful… No, I didn’t expect this. And I will always treasure your dear letter as a sweet keepsake. In short, I am very happy, my heart exults with joy.

       But, Very dear and Revered Brother, you have been sick, and this casts a shadow over things… Your little daughters are not yet allowing you to sing your Nunc Dimittis!... But after many long years, when you see God, you [2r°] will ask him for more than a blessing for us! Will you not, Very dear Brother, after being our mediator with his Holiness the Sovereign Pontiff on earth, continue being so with God in Heaven? You will tell Him that I love him and that I want to love him more, and then whisper: “that Thérèse and Geneviève would very much like to be with Him…”

         Very dear and Revered Brother, forgive me for speaking so freely, but it is your fault… I am your daughter, your little Carmelite, and it’s impossible for me to write a reverent letter.

I will write you a few lines again soon, but I will wait until after the feast day so that I have some details. Since “Living on Love” was appreciated, I will copy out other poems and send them at the same time.

         Thank you again with all my heart, Very Dear Brother. In the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I will always be your grateful little Carmelite.

Geneviève of St. Teresa

                   unw. carm. nun.

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