From (Céline) sr Marie of the Holy Face to Thérèse - October 20-21, 1894

From (Céline) sr Marie of the Holy Face to Thérèse - October 20-21, 1894

I, the little bluebird, was entrusted with a mission very dear to my heart.... In memory of my joyful and too short life at Les Buissonnets, I sought the honor of being the fortunate messenger.

Leaving my spouse to enjoy eternal rest, I came down from the celestial heights to greet you on God's behalf and that of the in­habitants of His kingdom.... I did not have ears enough to hear everything, nor eyes big enough to see everything, but my little heart understood everything, divined everything.

First, there was the family: Papa, Mamma, the four cherubs, who kiss and love their little Thérèse; they would really like the family to be already complete in the homeland. The four rascals were so happy that when playing with the Holy Innocents they discovered a nest. A nest! No sooner seen than seized, they left nothing, neither the father, the mother, nor the little ones; they even plucked the branch and carried me off in my wagon, laughing and babbling with delight.

St. Joseph brought the moss.... The angels hurried to harness my brothers, the little hummingbirds, telling them to make the trip quickly.... All the saints were there, looking at the whole retinue; they wanted to talk to me, so reading their thoughts, I made a sign with my head showing that I understood. I think, too, that each of them gathered a twig of moss....

When we were about to leave, your friends, the virgins, ran, car­rying bunches of Céline-flowers that they had just gathered from the fields of heaven.

Then the Blessed Virgin, with motherly heart, prepared a little package.... I think it is the most beautiful gift.. .. Perhaps it is made up of some portraits .. .some views from Paradise.. .some scenes from up above.... I do not know, and perhaps I am talking too much! So I will stop.

Then God blessed us and made us immortal, and we shall remain with you on earth; this is the gift He is offering to his Thérèse.... And we shall be happy to adorn her altars!.. .

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