From Céline to Agnes of Jesus, Marie of the Sacred Heart and Thérèse - July 29, 1894..

July 29, 1894

Dear little sisters,

Papa is in heaven!... I received his last breath, I closed his eyes.'... His handsome face took on immediately an expression of beatitude, of such profound calm! Tranquility was painted on his features.... He expired so gently at fifteen minutes after eight.

My poor heart was broken at the supreme moment; a flood of tears bathed his bed. But at heart I was joyful because of his hap­piness, after the terrible martyrdom he endured and which we shared with him....

Last night, in a sleep filled with anguish, I suddenly awakened; I saw in the firmament a kind of luminous globe.... And this globe went deeply into the immensity of heaven.

Today, St. Martha, the saint of Bethany, the one who obtained the rescurrection of Lazarus.... Today, the Gospel of the five wise virgins. ... Today, Sunday, the Lord's day....

And Papa will remain with us until August 2, feast of Our Lady of the Angels. ...

Your little Céline

P.S. We shall arrive probably tomorrow. Yesterday evening, Papa received Extreme Unction, Absolution, and the application of the Indulgences. Uncle told me he had never seen so peaceful a death.

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