From Céline to Thérèse - April 28, 1893

From Céline to Thérèse

April 28, 1893 - LT 141

Caen, April 28, 1893

Dear little Thérèse,

I am writing you because Francis is going to answer Pauline, I believe, so dear little Pauline will not be vexed with my not address­ing my letter to her since she will be receiving one. Tell her that her Missive did me too great a good for me to be able to express it. I thimk of it constantly and this encourages me. Oh! how beautiful and consoling the things she said to me.

Thérèse, my own dear Thérèse! If you only knew all I am thinking and how I am meditating a long time and several times a on what you are whispering to your Celine's heart. . . .

"To be the dew, the drop of dew of the Flower of the fields Oh, Thérèse, how deeply I understand it, how my soul is plunged into unfathomable depths. . .if you only knew! No, never would I be able to tell you what is going on in me regarding this matter. Now I no longer want anything, nothing pleases me any longer, except to be the drop of dew refreshing the calyx of the Flower of the fields. Each word of your dear letter is a world to my heart....

But I am going to be silent, for I prefer to meditate in silence to speaking about what has no words. The little drop of dew is always and in all things powerless, except to give drink to the Flower of the fields      Thérèse! Both, both of us, are we not two little drops of dew in the calyx of the Flower of the fields? You know that two drops of dew cannot be next to each other, very close to each other, without intermingling and forming only one single drop of dew. The Flower of the fields is satisfied with the drop of dew "Thérèse- Céline," with this single drop that is an ocean for Him!

Pauline tells me in her letter that "Céline's love is more precious to Jesus than the hatred of the wicked is bitter to Him, and that a single note of the wailing of her soul helps Him forget the blasphemies of sinners." It is then, really true that a single drop of dew is sufficient for Jesus, a single one! He is both consoled and His thirst quenched…Thérèse, dear Thérèse, I could not tell you all that I feel, it is too much. I am explaining myself poorly, but read into my thoughts!

My soul is now stronger, your letters have been a heavenly melody for it.

Dear Thérèse, I love you and I kiss you with my whole heart, and dear little Pauline and Marie also.


If you know of anything I can bring back to our Mother, but I see nothing at the fair or elsewhere; I would, however, be happy to please her.

Regarding flowers, if you do not answer me or if you are undecid­ed, I favor the large daisies; never have I seen them so well made roses or expensive.

There are some delightful pink carnations, red and yellow at thirty and twenty centimes, etc.; buttercups, greens, etc., etc., they lillies are stiffer. If Pauline wanted anything for her Holy Face picture I would buy it for her, but it would be better to write and tell me what you want, for example: two red roses, six carnations, six or twelve branches of tall daisies (three daisies to each branch), twenty centimes a branch, the carnations, fifteen centimes. If you want something, tell me the number, for I am hampered by not knowing where you want to place them. With no answer, I will buy nothing. However, I would like to give you some, you who love flowers so much and simple flowers.


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