From Céline to Jeanne Guérin - April 12-17 , 1877

From Céline to Jeanne Guérin.

April 12-17, 1877

Dear little Jeanne,

I'm very happy to write you, for it has been a long time since I've written. Your portrait pleased me very much because it was very good.

We had lots of fun during Pauline's vacation. I'd have loved to have you with us. We were in the country at the home of Thérèse's nurse. When we arrived in the country, a woman was waiting for us and she took us along a very dirty road. Finally, we arrived at the home of Thérèse's nurse. We drank some milk, and we were in her field. We played "wolf," we climbed trees and we made a swing.

Dear little Jeanne, I'm telling you about this outing only be­cause it was one when we had a lot of fun and many disagree­ments as well.

were going there, it was raining, but we were in a wagon, fortunately. However, we did get wet just the same.

Au revoir, dear little Jeanne. I'm kissing you with all my heart, also, little Marie, Uncle and Aunt.

Your little cousin, who loves you very much.


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