From Céline to Jeanne Guérin - April 15, 1891.

From Céline to Jeanne Guérin - April 15, 1891.

Wednesday 15th April 1891 Dear little Jeanne, My Aunt has ceded her turn to me and it is I who has come to keep you company. Very quickly, I take flight in a flurry of wings, happy to be the travelling dove today. I would like to entertain you a bit and bring you a bit of pleasure in exchange for all that you do for me, but sadly I see that I will never be able to repay my debt to you. Darling little Jeanne, it is true and yet is not true! No, for even if I am powerless to bring you as much pleasure as [1 v°] you bring me, deep down my heart showers you with more affection than you could ever imagine!... Yesterday, I was at the Carmel, and my visit was spent only in talking about you, and I talked at length! If you only knew how pleased they were, I could not satisfy them. Mother Geneviève is thinking of you particularly and she is going to double her prayers again so that our dear little Jeanne stops feeling poorly. You know that all our hopes rest on you, you are our consolation and even God has made you our support on earth…… In your house your little Céline is happy; when she is with her eldest sister, she is at home… Oh, no! you don’t know how much you mean to me and how fond I am of you! [2 r°] I spoke much about Francis too; I could never tire of speaking about him. I told them everything, even about the electric batteries! Concerning batteries, I tried to do some galvanoplasty with my laboratory helper (Marie Guérin); the battery worked very well, we could hear it, but the object didn’t have a metallic covering, even though I dedicated it to you. Well it will be for another time. I believe that we would have to go through a good many schools before succeeding.

I amassed books on physics and chemistry, and I finally discovered that we needed to isolate the object from the copper plate and as my vase was too small, they touched. I think there are other reasons; we will discover what they are little by little. My battery entertains me enormously; it appears even in my dreams! [2 v°] Today I received a visit from B. Cally (Blanche Cally, Céline’s former schoolmate from the Abbey). Just imagine; she stayed ½ an hour holding a conversation with me without working. We received her in the little living-room because my Aunt preferred the quiet. No matter how many times I told her my Aunt was poorly she didn’t leave, you can imagine how ill-at-ease I was. Finally, as with everything here below, her visit had an end. She told us that Miss Marguerite (another former Abbey pupil) was in America but was coming back because she was homesick. We know several other stories without interest. I see I mustn’t name them, for I have been too chatty and I have filled my 4 pages. Alas! I have hardly entertained you! But I have told you again that I love you and that’s what does the soul the most good.

My Aunt, my uncle, Léonie and Marie join me in sending you and Francis lots of love. Your little sister Céline. [2 v° tv] We hope all goes well with the taking of the traditional medicine. What a strange visit!

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