From Céline to Jeanne Guérin - January 21-22, 1889.

From Céline to Jeanne Guérin. 21st-22nd (?) January 1889

Dear little Jeanne,

You can write and tell my uncle (who was in Evreux) that the day really hasn’t been bad. This morning, there was the same agitation as yesterday, no cries, prolonged laughter for 1 or two hours, crying, hand-clapping, and conversations as if I was in his room and he was answering me something. This afternoon there was complete calm, even a nap. He said of course I had had him take something to make him sleep. He wanted to be alone. Then there were noisy cries and more [1v°] conversations alone.

Dear little Sister, the Cross is heavy but Jesus is there. He has carried it for us, why shouldn’t we carry it for him?...

Our Lord said to Bl. M. Mary that the Cross was the most precious proof of his love that he could give us in this life.

Saint Francis Xavier said: The Absence of the cross is the absence of life!

How worthless the earth seems to those who see it from the Heavens.

Darling little sister, life is short.

... Our little boat is being shaken by a violent storm at the moment, furious waves are submerging it and risk swallowing it [2 r°] but the dear Pilot Jesus will not let it sink. Soon we’ll be at port… Soon we’ll have joy, rest, and happiness!...

At present it is not pearls we are giving to Jesus, but diamonds, and jewels of all kinds. It’s up to us to dig. The source is inexhaustible and this source is suffering and bitterness; this treasure is the Cross!

Your little sister who loves you


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