From Céline to Thérèse - June 27, 1890

From Céline to Thérèse.

June 27, 1890

My dear little Thérèse,

You're going to be surprised to receive a letter from your Céline in poetry, but, you see, I wasn't able to write otherwise. Pauline told me yesterday what you thought about flowers, what you said to Jesus on their behalf. I understood everything .. . and you know how!

Once I returned to my little room, alas! what was I to do if not to meditate? Yesterday, it was easier for me to do this in po­etry .... My own little Thérèse . . . oh! you understand me, you know my whole soul. I thought about this so long, and I would have liked so much to say it in my poor clumsy verses! Understand your Céline! ...

We leave for Caen tomorrow on the 7:00 o'clock train, and it is possible that we shall return by 4:30; in this case, I shall be bold enough to pass by to give you some news .... Oh! ask our dear Mother to be willing to allow me. I shall be deprived of so many visits during our tiresome sojourn at the much-overrated La Musse.

Kiss my beloved Mother for me and my dear little sisters.

For you, my whole heart,

Your Céline

I did my shopping this morning did you receive your asparagus?

P.S. In case I should return only at 7:00 o'clock, I would not be able to go and see you; so would you answer this question which Jeanne asked me: In what material should she buy her white dress? In other words, what kind of silk, precisely? (I believe she intends to give it to you, but she hasn't told Aunt about this as yet.)

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