From Céline to her sisters Agnes of Jesus, Marie of the Sacred Heart, and Thérèse - March 9, 1889

From Céline to her sisters Agnes of Jesus, Marie of the Sacred Heart, and Thérèse. (Fragments.)

March 9, 1889

The other day, Papa said to the doctor: "I had always been ac­customed to commanding, and I see myself reduced to obeying; I never had any humiliations in my life, and I needed one." The doctor answered: "Well, then, this one can count!". . .

I feel more and more that my duty is to remain here; yes, it is better to suffer and not abandon dear little Father. At least, here, if we can do nothing for him, we can run at the least call; even for yourselves, this must be a kind of assurance to know that we are here.

Dear little sisters (I'm talking also to my little Thérèse even though I am writing her specially), oh! how bitter life is! What I cannot understand is that I'm not able to accustom myself to real­izing where Papa is; it seems like a dream, a nightmare to me ....

Well, certainly, we can tell ourselves that God can turn every­thing to good; He never gives us anything above our strength, and the moment Papa seemed to be carrying too heavy a load, God lightened it for him, removing from him the bitterness of his sorrow.

Yes, God willed it so; it is He who has arranged this matter, all by Himself. We would have acted in vain and only disturbed our­selves, poor little atoms. All would have taken place just the same.

Certainly, this trial was needed for Papa in order to crown his sanctity ....

(March 9, 1889)


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