From Céline to her sisters Agnès of Jesus, Marie of the Sacred Heart and Thérèse - February 12, 1889. Fragment.

From Céline to Agnès, M. of the S.H., and Thérèse. 12th February 1889. Fragment.

… Léonie and I, mute, remained silent the whole time. We were devastated, broken, it really felt as though my heart was bleeding and that I had a big wound in it…

These are our sufferings, ah! can there be any comparable to these?... My pain feels greater and deeper than the ocean, my chest seems to be burning due to the pressure I’m putting on the cries that want to escape from it.

I can’t take it any longer!

12th February 1889: Notre grande Richesse (“Our Great Wealth”. Ms A, 86 r°, “Days of Grace” written by Thérèse under her coat of arms)…

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