From Céline to Mme La Néele - August 20, 1893.

From Céline to Mme La Néele - August 20, 1893.

20th August 1893.

Dear little Jeanne,

I thank you very much for the good news you gave me of Léonie and for the information you kindly gave me about her, I was eager to hear it. But I was also eager for something else, which was to know how my darling little Jeanne was, and whether she still had the same fine complexion [lv°] she had in La Musse, and whether Francis’ foot had completely recovered. You are so good that I would like to see you both exempt from all nuisances and nothing hurts me more than hearing it said that you are having problems. But for the moment there is no question of problems but of celebration (Saint Jane Frances de Chantal, celebrated on 21st August). Oh, I have so many wishes for you!...

On the 21st I will take Communion for you and I will pray God to grant you the graces that he [2r°] deems the best. I will not specify anything in particular, I would be too afraid of asking for something that would thwart his divine intentions. God knows our desires and when we entrust ourselves to Him, He always gives us what is best.

For your birthday we have nothing to give you, but we task you with ordering the frame for your crown (bridal crown). Your little sisters will be happy and proud to [2v°] offer it to you.

I am thinking of you a great deal today, my dear little Jeanne, and I wonder whether your trip to Bayeux is going smoothly without any hitches. Marguerite will no doubt tell you what happened to old Mr. Simon, we had a very strange send-off when we left there (everything concerning “old Mr. Simon” remains unknown). Well we arrived here without any difficulty and little by little we will resume our normal activities. The exceptional two months we have just spent with the family gives us, I find, strength to resume our duties.

[2v°tv] I send you my love and kisses, darling little sister, and I [lr°tv] ask Francis to give you a kiss from me, which you will kindly give back to him on my behalf.

Your little Céline.

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