From Céline to Mme La Néele - November 3, 1893.

From Céline to Mme La Néele - November 3, 1893.

Darling little Jeanne,

I’m writing to you to give you news of Mrs. Founet and to say a little hello before seeing you again. You know I’m still intending to leave with you on Monday. I will go and see Léonie on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to this little trip which will allow me to spend a few days with my little Jeanne.

We have some very good news concerning Mrs. Fournet, she is feeling better. Yesterday evening, she didn’t have a fit and spent her evening [1°] working like she used to do. I’m going to leave a little bit of my paper blank so that if my Aunt has fresher news, she can give it to you. We are all very glad to see that God is resolved to leaving our dear grandmama with us for longer. It is so sad having sick people in the family, one doesn’t enjoy life.

Apparently, my dear little sister, you have donned Léonie’s coat. I am glad of it and very happy you like it. What I like above all is [2r°] knowing it is nice and warm. You had more sense than us to wear it on All Saints Day: we froze in our summer jackets.

I have just finished my portrait of Marthe. I’ve never done one like it. Her father and mother came to see it this evening, and are delighted. Krug’s lessons have clearly done me some good, I have less difficulty and more pleasure than before. But do you know what happened to me?... In my hurry and muddle I kissed Mr. Lahaye! Yes, almost. It left him stunned and stuttering: it doesn’t matter.

I will leave you to meditate on the inattentiveness of your dignified sister, who loves you more and more if that’s possible.


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