From Céline to Thérèse - December 24, 1888

From Céline to Thérèse.

December 24, 1888

Christmas Eve, December 24, 1888

My dear Thérèse,

While awaiting Jesus, I cannot refrain from talking a little with you. Little sister of my heart, "Christmas night," what memories! Do you recall last year when we were hoping up to the last minute for a letter from Monseigneur permitting you to enter Carmel?' Then, the little surprise I prepared for you? ... I am experienc­ing still all that I experienced at that moment; ah! how I feel my soul is united with yours. It seems to me they make up only one soul....

If you only knew how your thoughtfulness this evening touched me even to the depths of my soul! I have my dear picture right before my eyes while writing you. What joy you gave me! I have tears in my eyes. Thérèse, in your absence everything here is exile; I am suffering more and more from our separation, and often I have to hold myself back from crying.

But the Divine Child is about to come. I must receive Him with joy; is it not He who is taking the place of all for me!

This evening, you touched me so much; you showed me that you loved me. If you only knew how grateful I am. Your slipper was badly stocked; if there is anything you want, tell me, I beg you.

Your little Céline

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