From Céline to Mme Guérin - March 15, 1889. Fragment.

From Céline to Mrs. Guérin. 15th March 1889. Fragment

Source: CMG (Manuscript notebooks of Sister Geneviève) IV, pp. 194s.

Our visit went perfectly. After an hour in the visiting room we went to take a walk with Papa in the large grounds, he was very pleased because he hopes to leave soon.

He said to me: “Tell my Carmelites I will soon bring them some lovely fish.” He also remembers that it is on 1st April that he collects his annuities. He talks of nothing but his Buissonnets, his Carmelites, his goddaughter (Marie Guérin), of all of you, he forgets no one.

I went to see Dr. Bourienne, and asked him whether Papa’s illness was curable. To the question: “Is there no hope of recovery?” he replied “There is, why not?... The paralysis is not established. I noticed that his current condition was a sign of general paralysis to come which would clear his brain.”

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