From Céline to Pauline Romet - July 27, 1888.

From Céline to Pauline Romet. 27th July 1888.

27th July 88.

At Les Buissonnets.

Dear Miss Pauline,

Papa is going to keep his promise and drive us to Alençon. It’s a great treat for us to be able to see such old and dear friends again. Your little daughters are delighted about spending a few moments with the ever so kind Miss Pauline and unique Mr. Vital. (1 v°) Also I’m honoured to be his goddaughter and I wouldn’t give my title to another. Yet she’s a pitiful goddaughter! and very unworthy of her godfather.

Dear Miss Pauline, your little friends are asking for your hospitality. They’ve come with a joyful heart and are very sure they won’t be refused. There’s nothing to fear when asking something of relatives!...

(2 r°) Dear friends of Papa and of my dear Mother we haven’t forgotten you, our hearts and our thoughts are very often with you.

Marie, Pauline and Thérèse are well (Céline had seen them in the visiting room that morning). They are always happy and content, together we talk about the good old times. We are young but we have memories and many (2 v°) are indelible. I have been asked to give you a thousand kisses when I see you, dear Miss Pauline.

Papa has arranged our trip for 6th August, we are hoping to leave Lisieux by the 9:22 train. If there was anything preventing us from coming at that time we would willingly leave during the Alençon festival to make the most of being with you all, we are so glad to be able to see you!

See you soon, dear Miss Pauline, I kiss you with all my heart until I can do so for real.

Best wishes from all of us to Mr. Vital.

Your respectful little daughter,

Céline Martin.

(2 v° tv) We would be glad to know whether this is a well-chosen time to be with you.


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