From Céline to Vital Romet - December 30, 1888.

From Céline to Vital Romet. 30th December 1888.

30th December 88.

Dear Godfather,

Another year gone! Time flies and in its haste it brings many sorrows. If it could destroy them we wouldn’t regret its rapidity, but alas! The [1 v°] memory of them doesn’t fade.

Dear Godfather, let’s leave aside our sorrows at the beginning of this new year and only focus on the ever so legitimate family joys that its first day brings. Yes I am very happy every year to find myself here and send you my wishes which are becoming more and more [2 r°] wonderful, as are my heart’s hopes for you, dear Godfather. My heart doesn’t age with the passing years, but from this continually flowing source it draws strength and vigour.

Our dear Father is getting better and better every day, he’s even as well as is possible, I’m happy you are going to see him, he will go [2 v°] to Alençon towards the middle of this week.

And my kind Aunt Pauline, does she believe I’ve forgotten her? Oh, no, she knows her little niece thinks about her a lot and that her heart has gratitude and affection for her. Aren’t I telling the truth Aunt Pauline? I understand your incomparable heart so well and appreciate it to a very great extent.

Dear Godfather, it’s with a certain pride that I’ve come in the name of the whole family to present you with our wishes. It’s right that I should be the delegate, being your goddaughter!

Your respectful little goddaughter,

Céline Martin

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