From Céline to Vital Romet - January 7, 1890.

From Céline to Vital Romet - January 7, 1890.

7th Jan. 90
Dear Godfather,

Your little goddaughter might seem late this year; I didn’t precede the first day of the year with all my wishes as I usually do. But is this really late? Oh, no! And I know you won’t believe it is so; you cannot doubt your little friend’s love.

[I v°] My wishes far pre-empted this letter that is so poor it could never express them as my heart would like, for what pen is powerful enough to say what is in one’s heart!
There isn’t one and one has to guess what is in one’s heart. But are there any wishes or hopes still possible for our broken souls? Who, then, will dare wish us happiness? Happiness! Ah! Is it possible for us to taste it alone, far from the heart we have cherished?...

[2 r°] A happy New Year! But can it be fecund in joys?... In earthly joys and happiness no, but in inner contentment: yes! In us there is a life so big, so divine, and comprising of so much secret force that it is the source of our greatest and deepest joys. Well, it is to this inner and personal life that I have come to offer all my wishes and God knows what they are!...
Dear Godfather, I’ve merged my very bitter tears with yours (Pauline Romet, Vital’s sister, died on 15th September 1889 cf. LD 805, in VT n° 97. Céline went to the funeral with her uncle Guérin on 17th September. Throughout this letter, it is clear that Céline never stops thinking about her father), but I also merge [2 v°] my prayers and memories with yours…

Thank you for the dear Memento, but was there need for it! No, because another Memento is forever engraved upon my heart, where my dear Aunt lives as real as before. The Carmelites and we often think of her, each day she is the subject of our prayers, for we love to recommend her to God and to recommend ourselves to her so that she may protect us. Ah! May she lighten our dear Father’s sorrows, and alleviate the bitterness in our hearts!
I know my uncle gave you some news, you already know all the details of the very distressing paralysis, and its progress, and I know you share wholly in our sorrow. Oh, no! I shall never doubt my Godfather’s devoted love and I desire only one thing which is that he has the same trust in his little goddaughter’s love.
The Carmelites and Léonie join me in offering you their regards and prayers.
Yours sincerely.

Céline Martin.

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