From Céline to Vital Romet - April-May 1880.

From Céline to Vital Romet. April-May 1880.

Dear Godfather

How kind it is of you to spoil your little Céline like this! Oh what a beautiful gift you sent me dear Godfather, it touched me so much that I don’t know how to thank you. I would at least like to cover you with kisses to [l v°] make this thank you less dry! Oh why are you so far away from me at the moment dear and kind Godfather?

Papa promised I could wear my lovely lucky charm the day following my first Communion (13th May), and I’m delighted. If I mix a bit of vanity with this happiness, I promise you that at the bottom of my heart there will be more gratitude and affection for you dear doting Godfather.

And how hard I will pray for you on the day of my [2r°] first Communion! I already promised you I would in my last letter but at present it’s with even more affection that I promise it to you.

I would have liked to reply immediately to thank you, but I am so busy with homework, exams, and catechism lessons that I haven’t been able to find a moment. It made my heart very heavy and I hold it against my mean lessons for delaying me so.

Farewell dear Godfather [2v°] I’m sending you my most tender kisses, until next year when you almost promised to come to Lisieux… Above all don’t forget to compensate us for the happiness you are taking away by not being here on the day of my first Communion. I also send all my love to Miss Pauline and again a thousand times thank you for the magnificent lucky charm you sent me.

Your respectful little goddaughter


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