From Céline to Vital Romet - December 1883 - January 1884.

From Céline to Vital Romet. Dec. 1883 - Jan. 1884

Dear Godfather,

I don’t need to be at the beginning of a year to offer you the wishes and hopes I have for you, for every day I formulate new ones.

I therefore wish you a happy new year, dear Godfather, and I’m going to pray to God so that He grants you all the [l v°] things you desire. If he answers all the requests I make for you, you shall be very happy. I also wish Miss Pauline a very happy new year.

I can remember all the kindness and all the pleasure you brought us in Alençon; I thank you for this once again. I would very much like to go and see you every year during the holidays; but I have a feeling it’s not reasonable, because the more I’m given, the more I want. However Papa promised we could [2 r°] go back in six years (which is not anytime soon, unfortunately). Well I won’t forget his promise. While waiting for these long years to elapse, I hope you and Miss Pauline will come and see us.

Goodbye, dear Godfather, again I wish you a very happy new year.

Please be good enough to give Miss Pauline my love, and rest always assured of my grateful affection

Your respectful little goddaughter

Céline Martin.


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