From Céline to Vital Romet - Late December 1882.

From Céline to Vital Romet. Late December 1882.

Dear Godfather,

I am very pleased; New Year’s Day is fast approaching and this gives me the opportunity to write to you.

I wish you a very happy new year filled with gladness and joy, and I hope God will answer [l v°] your little goddaughter’s wishes.

I’m still enjoying being at the Abbey; the Sisters here are very good to me. Last year Papa had me begin English, but seeing as it would be useless because we didn’t have enough lessons and because I had an aptitude for drawing, he had me learn that instead. I’m very pleased, and enjoy it immensely.

I’m hoping to leave boarding school in two years time, I’ll be very happy to find myself [2 r°] totally reunited with my family. But for that to happen I must apply myself to my studies so that I’ll have made enough progress.

Marie has just written to Miss Pauline (Romet, Mr. Vital’s sister) and I didn’t give her my messages for her. Kindly send her my love and tell her that I also wish her a very happy new year.

Farewell, dear godfather, again I send you my sincerest wishes, please be always assured of my tender affection,

Your respectful little goddaughter.


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