From Céline to Vital Romet - Late December 1884.

From Céline to Vital Romet. Late December 1884.

Dear Godfather,

I would be very happy if I could be in Alençon at this moment to wish you a happy new year in person. Since that is impossible, I’ll have to content myself with entrusting all my wishes to my poor little pen, which, alas, will only too imperfectly replace [l v°] reality. Speaking for me however, it’s going to try to convey to you the wishes I’m sending. On my behalf then, it says: Happy New Year!... to you and all your family; you know that these words comprise many things, don’t you, dear Godfather?

You promised us you’d come in September; Miss Pauline came alone, and I was very pleased to see her; but I was expecting to see you too. I supposed you had postponed your trip until next [2 r°] year. I hope I’m not mistaken and that your visit will be twice as long because it was delayed.

Please accept, dear Godfather, along with my very sincere wishes, the assurance of my respectful affection.

I haven’t forgotten Miss Pauline whom I love with all my heart and to whom I also wish a happy new year.

Your respectful little goddaughter

Céline Martin.

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