From Céline to Mother Marie de Gonzague. Fragment - September-October 1888 ?

From Céline to Mother Marie de Gonzague. Fragment - September-October 1888 ?

If only you knew, Mother, the extent of Papa’s goodness; it exceeds all limits. It causes me to feel melancholy and a certain sadness in my soul. The other day I told Papa of my desire to have a figure of Christ in copper that he had in his room; I thought it had been forgotten and I would have been glad to have it with me at night. Papa said it was Marie who had given it to him when she left and we didn’t talk about it again. I remembered then that this crucifix had belonged to Marie. This morning during High Mass, Papa was reading the prayer by General de Sonis that I had given him, when suddenly his eyes welled up with tears, he leant over to me and said: “I’ll give you my figure of Christ”. My heart melted, I would have preferred to have been in my room so I could weep at my leisure, I couldn’t help shedding big tears, I was ever so touched. Dear Mother, don’t you find this incredible? And of unparalleled goodness? Ah! for me this crucifix shall be a doubly precious keepsake. I would like you to understand, Mother, what effect this little scene had on me, I was so touched!

In the street, people greet Papa and address him with the name of Holy Patriarch. This evening Léonie and I were in the sacristy to sign up for membership to the Association of the Blessed Sacrament,( founded by Fr. Pierre Julien Eymard. The picture mentioned below was signed on 7th October 1888 by Fr. H. Durand, who had preached the Retreat of Nocturnal Adoration at the church of St. Pierre from 30th September to 8th October 1888. Mr. Martin also signed up on the same Sunday. The parish priest from the church of St. Pierre who held him in such high regard was therefore Canon Rohée), when the parish priest of the church of St. Pierre said to us: “Your sisters are very fortunate.” “Oh, yes! Father” “And so are you, because you have a matchless Father; is he not goodness itself?” I was delighted to hear this said with such respect and reverence about Papa. The Father also asked us whether we had inherited anything from Mr. David, that sometimes relatives of relatives who weren’t on the will could have something, and I said that no we hadn’t (Mr. David’s inheritance came to almost a million francs) and that we didn’t care for it, and he began to laugh.

You see, dear Mother, how loved and appreciated our dear Father is everywhere. And yet I had something else to say and I’ve run out of room; what a long letter this is. It was a little suggestion concerning the wrapping of the frame. In order for it not to arrive in bad condition, I thought we could proceed as follows. For example the canvas: we take corks from ordinary bottles, we cut them a bit so that the bit sticking out is (…)

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