From Céline to her sisters Agnès of Jesus, Marie of the Sacred Heart and Thérèse - January-February 1889. Fragment.

From Céline to her sisters Agnès, Marie of the Sacred Heart, and Thérèse. January-February 1889. Fragment.

Beloved little Sisters, I remember these words from The Imitation: “I will give infinite glory for passing humiliation (Imitation, book III, chap. XXXV, 2)…”

O humiliation! It is our daily bread, but if you knew all that I can see hidden in it…. For me it is a mystery of Love.

O little Sisters! Do not worry yourselves, I beg of you. Is it in vain that Thérèse prayed, is it in vain that I put oil of the Holy Face on Papa’s forehead?

No, a thousand times no, God has I’m sure admirable designs that we can’t understand. I feel that Our Lord is so pleased when we have unlimited trust in him, and find all his dispositions good…

No, I am not going to ask God to take from me the humiliation, contempt, heartbreak, anguish or bitterness… but I am going to beg God to withdraw all this from our dear Father. He can grant us this grace and I’m sure he will do so.

Some things that happen, even the most distressing things, are permitted by Jesus but I’m convinced that Papa won’t feel any sorrow, you’ll see. What does it matter if we do, provided that he is happy? O little Sisters! I’m sure that Our Lord will grant us this grace. As for us, we shall drain the chalice to the dregs…

Do you know how I’ve been able to feel such deep peace over the last few days? It’s by incessantly saying to Jesus: “My God, I find all you do very good, I trust you.” I said this while thinking it, but without understanding it.

Dear little Sisters, you are very upset; it’s true you must be suffering more than us, because we are worked-up by the ardour of the battle whereas you are always waiting for bad news. Oh! I understand what you must be suffering… That’s why one of the tasks I’m taking very much to heart is that of consoling you.

See you soon, I’ll write another little note tomorrow. If only you knew how I find we mustn’t fear our sorrows, or fear humiliation; how happy we’d be if we didn’t flee them!


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