From Céline to sr Agnès of Jesus - April 15-17, 1889.

From Céline to Sister Agnès of Jesus. 15th-17th (?) April 1889.

Darling little Pauline,

Thank you, thank you. If only you knew how much good you did me, you gave me back my strength, and pushed my little boat which was fighting against the waves out to sea.

Pauline!... Yes I am rising to my Jesus’ Face, I think only of consoling him; of drying his tears and making him smile. I seek a thousand ways to bring him the help that even his friends who were present at his Passion didn’t give him. Tell Thérèse I’m giving Jesus a drink… Tell her I am also relieving him in other ways… It is now our turn to give to Jesus, let’s give profusely.

Dear little Pauline, my heart is yearning for the Homeland… exile is weighing upon my soul… But we are not of the world, now more than ever we have nothing in common with it. Soon we’ll be in Heaven!...

Your little Céline

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