From Céline to Agnes of Jesus, Marie of the Sacred Heart, and Thérèse - May 20, 1890

From Céline to Agnes of Jesus, Marie of the Sacred Heart, and Thérèse. (Fragments.)

May 20, 1890


When going for the visit, I met M. Vital and Mme. Benoit, who were going there; they stopped their carriage and we climbed up with them. Poor little Father was really touched; it gives him such evident joy when he sees his old friends.

He was charming. M. Vital, wishing to leave, said to him: "Now, I am going to leave you with your children." With a very kind look in his face, he replied: "Oh! stay a while, you are not in the way!" Finally, they left.

God had arranged a consoling day for us. When we saw him, he was just returning from the May devotions at which a reading had been made on the respect due to old people, on the venera­tion for white hair; Papa was very much moved.

His limbs are numbed at present, and it was with difficulty that he made a tour of the garden with us. At first, he let go Léonie's arm and was satisfied with mine, but it was as if his head were heavier than his whole body, and it wouldn't have been long be­fore he fell over. He noticed this, for he supported himself by the wall, saying that he wasn't tired but that everything was spinning around him; Léonie then gave him the support of her arm.

Poor little Father spoke about you, our Mother, and Mother Geneviève; he was delighted with your letters. "I was not able to read them entirely," he told me, "because it was too beautiful, and I was weeping . ..." He did not ask to leave, and when I said: "Nothing is long which comes to an end!" "That's true, and I be­lieve all this is approaching its end, it won't be long now (He wanted to talk of his return.) He made this answer with such a resigned and kind look! ... I really think that the more time goes on, the more the expression on his face is peaceful and saintly.


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