From Céline to her sisters Agnès of Jesus, Marie of the Sacred Heart and Thérèse - April 17, 1889. Fragments.

From Céline to the three Carmelites Agnès, M. of the S.H and Thérèse. 17th April 1889. Fragments.

Sister Costard gave Papa two little cakes, but he pushed them away from him, so the Sister approached him and asked why he wasn’t eating them; our dear Father replied that, during Holy Week, he didn’t want to eat any cakes.

Dear little Sisters, I have nothing else particular to tell you today. Ah! If only Jesus had contented himself with the ever so strict Lent he made us observe and if only Easter was a resurrection for us! But our lives are the cross and I think that we will be carrying it for a lot longer, we haven’t reached Calvary; or rather, yes, we have reached it, but we will be staying there for a long while…

See you soon, my darling little Sisters, I won’t write to you again before I come unless I have an urgent message.

We will arrive Saturday by the 10 o’clock train, we will bring you the dress in a little case and we, less fortunate than your dress, won’t be able to see you until Monday, but if our Mother doesn’t mind I will arrive early to see Thérèse in the visiting room.

I send you kisses with all my heart.

Céline (Caen, 17th April 89)

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