From Céline to her sisters Agnès of Jesus, Marie of the Sacred Heart and Thérèse - April 28, 1889. Fragments.

From Céline to the three Carmelites Agnès, M. of the S. H. and Thérèse. 28th April 1889. Fragments.

Dear little Sisters,

Thank you for your beloved letters, they did me a lot of good, thank you also for the one from our Mother which touched me a lot. It is lovely and does my heart good to see that you all think of me like this, nobody forgot me.

Ah! My dear little sisters, what a sad day my 20th birthday was! I saw Papa through the chapel window…

Sr. Costard told me she was caring for Papa as if he were her father who is in the same state but at home, cared for by his son. She says herself that it’s a grace from God if she so keenly feels for our darling Father.

She had been in this job for a week when Papa arrived. I was so relieved by what she said that I hugged her, my heart was full of gratitude, and I was choked with sobs.

... Farewell, my darling sisters, see you on Saturday. (4th May)

... God is clearly protecting us.

Your little Céline, 28th April 1889.

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