From Céline to Pauline - End of February 1877.

From Céline to Pauline. End of February 1877.

Dear little Pauline

Léonie is sending you a letter and I want to write one to you too for I’d be afraid you wouldn’t love me anymore.

I wrote to you before Aunt died but my letter (1v°) was too cheerful and I couldn’t send it to you.

I am very upset that Aunt died for I would have gone to Le Mans with her I love her so much. As for you dear little Pauline you were very fortunate to have been with her for so long. I would have liked to have been there as well; and yet I would be sorry not to be with mama any more.

Goodbye dear little Pauline, I am sending you kisses with all my heart, your little sister who loves you very much


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