From Céline to Sophie Bohard – January 18, 1887.

From Céline to Sophie Bohard – January 18, 1887.

Dear cousin

I don’t want Marie’s letter to go without sending you a little hello, I would be most angry if no one from Les Buissonnets sent you the wishes and hopes we all have for you this year.

With these letters, you will hear the big news, dear Cousin. Alas what a lot of changes we have had!

Marie’s leaving was most cruel, but God gives us graces in proportion to the sacrifices he asks for. He could have called her to a town other than Lisieux where we would only rarely have seen her, could he not? But the Carmel is very close by and even though we are separated we live the same life so to speak. You are going to be surprised to learn all this, dear cousin, and I am sure that you hope we don’t have similar changes in 87…

It is very cold today, dear cousin, I don’t know whether the winter is as harsh in Laval. We had black ice last night and this morning it’s impossible to walk. Even though they are warmed up my fingers are freezing and I’m not going to be able to continue my letter: it’s the same when I paint, my hands are so cold that I am obliged to stop.

We’ve wreaked havoc with Marie’s letter, she gave it to us so that we could add mine to it and in cutting the envelope I cut the letter a bit; please forgive my clumsiness dear cousin. If Marie knew, she wouldn’t be pleased.

I will say farewell, dear cousin, and I send you all our wishes and lots of love from all your little sisters



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