From Céline to sr Marie of the Sacred Heart - June 27, 1889.

From Céline to Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart. 27th June 1889.

27th June 89.

Dear little Marie,

Did you know that little Céline has been thinking about your feast day for a long while (Feast of the Sacred Heart, Friday 28th)? Alas! It is much less cheerful than it used to be! Where are those days that brought us such sweet joys!...

They are long, long gone, our lives are becoming bitterer and bitterer, the words our dear Father used to often say are true: “In exile there is nothing but tears [1v°] and sad thoughts… O the Fatherland! the Fatherland!! How beautiful the Fatherland is…” I can still hear the sound of this beloved voice saying the profound sentences upon which his heart would meditate for whole days. More recently Papa was in an even more meditative state of mind, I would surprise him in his belvedere looking into the distance. Sometimes his eyes would fill up with tears and I would smother him with caresses…

Those sweet days are gone! Dear little Marie, our memories do not resemble other people’s, ours have an indescribable depth, something like a melody from a land of exile. Our memories have the effect of a smooth and melancholy tune on me, like a dove’s whimper. Oh! I can’t tell you, dear little Sister, everything I feel, my eyes and heart never cease to plunge into infinity. I think we must work arduously; Jesus enjoys creating immense empty spaces around us to such an extent that our souls can no [2v°] longer attach themselves to anything here below. Darling little sister, if only you knew how empty I feel… there’s an empty space so big I can’t describe it. O Heaven!... fifty years from now how we will rejoice to have suffered, how we will not wish to exchange our places with anyone, how we’ll no longer think of those who bustle restlessly on this earth after we’re gone. What a happy moment it will be!

My dear little Marie we’ll soon see heaven, it is there that we will joyfully celebrate. How glorified Papa will be!

Let us rejoice in suffering, the Father says so. (Fr. Pichon)

Your little Céline who loves you.

Léonie wishes you a happy feast day.

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