From Céline to Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart - Around July 20, 1893

From Céline to Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart.

Around July 20, 1893

When entering Papa's room one night, I was surprised to hear him singing, for Désiré was not helping him. He had only intoned the Kyrie, and Papa was continuing it with his beautiful voice, very precise but a little muffled.

Frequently Papa and Désiré sing psalms and all kinds of church hymns in this way. This pleases Papa very much.

Dear little Father is my little baby. . .you cannot imagine, dear Marie, all the affection I have for him. Would you believe it? Each night, when I leave him, after saying bonsoir, I bless him without his noticing it, and the night is always very good afterward. It is as though I had become his mother, and the efficacy of my sign of the Cross touches me very much as coming from God.


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