From Céline to her sisters Agnès of Jesus, Marie of the Sacred Heart and Thérèse - March 26, 1889. Fragments.

From Céline to the three Carmelites Agnès, Marie of the Sacred Heart and Thérèse. 26th March 1889. Fragments.

It has already been three days since we saw Papa, perhaps it will be for tomorrow. My darling little sisters, life is very bitter, without God we would at times be ready to succumb to the sadness of exile. Fortunately all things pass and the day that’s gone never comes back… I’m not sorry for it!... However, I find we have reason to thank God in this great trial.

(... ) Yesterday we went to ask for news of Papa. He rose in the night and knocked at the door. The nurse came and asked what the noise was about. Papa asked him the same question: “But what is all this din about, I can’t sleep, I can hear voices, footsteps…” The nurse replied that complete silence reigned in the dormitory, and that everyone was resting.

It appears that after having read your letters our poor Father cried a lot. He beseeched them to let him come back, he said you were asking for him. His tongue is impeded and he has trouble speaking.

Sr. Costard said that last week she was sorry to see him so well, because it hurt feeling he was well while being far from his family; but this week she is no longer saying the same thing.


See you soon, my little sisters, how beautiful heaven will be.



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