LT 30 - To Agnes of Jesus and Marie of the Sacred Heart - November 6, 1887

November 6, 1887

Paris. Hôtel de Mulhouse. My dear little Sisters,
Céline did not want me to write yesterday; however, I don't want you to receive a letter from herwithout a word from your little Thérésita. I see that I'm writing like a real little cat, but I trust you will not be vexed with me, for I am extremely fatigued. Everything is turning around me. Tomorrow, we shall no longer be in France. I cannot get over all I am seeing. We have seen some beautiful things at Paris, but all this is not happiness. Céline is go­ing to tell you if she wants the marvels of Paris; as for myself, I'll tell you only that I am thinking very often of you. The beautiful things of Paris don't captivate my heart in the least.

I am somewhat like my dear Godmother. I'm always afraid of being crushed; at each moment, I am hemmed in by carriages. Oh, dear little sisters, all the beautiful things I see don't give me any joy; I will not have this until I will be where you are already. ...

I was very happy at Notre-Dame-des-Victoires. I prayed very much for you and for dear Mother.

I would like to write my little cousins, but this will be at another time, for I am going to write Léonie. Poor Léonie, what will become of her?... I beg you to tell them that I think of them very much. I asked the grace for Jeanne at Sacré-Coeur de Mont­martre. I think she'll understand. Don't forget good Uncle and dear Aunt. Adieu, dear Godmother and my dear little Con­fidante. Pray for your little Thérésita.

I hope that you will remember that I wrote my letter in the evening and when very fatigued. If it were not for this, I would not dare send it to you.
Kiss dear Mother for me.

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