From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse - November 25, 1887. Fragment.


From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse

November 25 (?), 1887


My dear Thérèse,

Have you understood now the word of the pope? And do you re­alize, today, that a word from the Holy Father is a word from God Himself? I knew nothing about all this when I wrote you my let­ter. Well, then, did not your poor Marie speak the truth? Yes, privileged child of Jesus, yes "you will enter if God wills it." And for me, this is at Christmas that He wants you and it is at Christmas that He will have you. See, then, how He has turned hearts in one instant. Ah! never forget this remarkable grace. Never forget that one day at the feet of the Holy Father, leaning on him as upon Jesus Himself, you opened your heart to him and that he blessed you!. . . Never forget these words from heaven which you did not understand at first because they were enveloped in mystery.... A mystery filled with light, filled with the special love of Jesus. Ah! how good is the Jesus of Thérèse! Do you see how He loves His little toy? Do you see how good it is to be the little toy of Jesus? Would you say that He has broken His toy? I myself am beginning to say that He has adorned His little ball. And that now that it is well-adorned, nobody will dare dispute it with Him. Oh! good little Jesus. Dear little ball, believe me, don't roll one single instant far from His cradle. It is so good to ap­proach it and remain there always.

See you soon, blessed child! And you must never forget what our Father, unique among all, has done for you. And thank Jesus for so many good things He gives you through him!. . .

Marie of the Sacred Heart


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