From sister Agnès de Jésus to Thérèse - November 25 , 1887

From Agnes of Jesus to Thérèse.

November 25, 1887


Jesus' little Toy,

You see that I was right when thinking Jesus was going to repair His little ball! I would never have expected Him to do it so well and so promptly. Remember, my darling, that the desperate hours are always God's hours. It is when there is no longer any hope, when everything seems lost that the sleeping Jesus awakens and commands as Master the winds and the tempest. Yes, in­timate little friend of the Divine Child, yes, you are really His lit­tle ball; abandon yourself forever into His hands. You will really suffer during your life, your heart is especially made to suffer, but when Jesus is there, when it is He who is sending His little ball into the midst of thorns, the thorns will change into flowers.

Let us pray; let us pray. . . . The Child Jesus is taken up at this moment with His little ball repaired by His divine kiss. He truly seems to be aiming at Carmel in order to send it there with one throw and make it bounce into His crib to remain there forever. Let us say to Him at each moment: May your will be done! Let us say: Jesus, arrange all things so that Your little ball be sent where You will, at the hour You will, and the way You will; don't let it escape Your little hands.

Darling of my heart, I really know that you are thinking all this. Oh! how Jesus loves you, and do you know why I believe more than ever in His divine call? It is because you have suffered. . . . Without the Cross, one is sure of nothing; without the Cross, there is only the human element, the mundane; without the Cross, Jesus is not there. But, take consolation, your vocation is marked with this sacred sign. The Child Jesus in His poor crib

sighed only for the Cross, dreamt only of the Cross, and He has told His dream to His dear Thérésita.

Your little Confidante, who has suffered still more for you than you for yourself

If you only knew how much Our Mother loves you.


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