From sister Agnès de Jésus to Thérèse - November 23 ,1887

From Agnes of Jesus to Thérèse.

November 23, 1887

The account of the audience reached Lisieux            Wednesday morning. From the Carmel, they tried to console Thérèse and Céline.



Wednesday night, Nov. 23

Oh! how Jesus loves His little toy! Yes, He loves it more than the entire universe. He could play with wild flowers, make Himself a ball out of the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, have toys of gold and precious stones; He could with a glance call the stars and the stars would come around His cradle; He could create millions of creatures more perfect than those which have existed and will ever exist; He could do much else besides. But He wants nothing, He desires nothing, He asks for nothing but His little toy: Théré­sita of the Child Jesus.... With His dear little ball He dries His tears! When He falls asleep, it is there near Him; always His little hand presses it to His Heart; always He looks at it, always. . . .

"But, little Jesus, what have You done, then, today to Your lit­tle ball? How, You who love it so much, have You pierced it so? Look, it no longer bounces. You will not be able to play with it anymore, but it's Your fault."

"What did I do with My little ball, ah!" replies the Divine Child, "it is very simple. I wanted to know what was inside it!. . . "

"And what did you see, Jesus?"

"I saw, I heard a sigh, and this sigh said to me: Jesus, I love You.' No, never had My little ball given me so much pleasure, never; I have already pierced it several times and each time a gen­tle breeze caressed My blond curls; today, I made a bigger hole, and I learned that My little ball was filled only with My love. I learned that it really wants to suffer for Me. I learned that it wants only Me. In a word, I learned everything!. . . Presently, I am going to repair it, and this is how I'm going to do it! I am go­ing to take it into My two little hands and blow very hard into it. Then in order to close it, I am going to do nothing else but place a kiss on the hole I have made. This kiss will be the seal of My Heart; no one will be able to break it, no one.... Oh! how happy I am! How I love My little ball! I can pierce it; I can do all I want with it and always it repeats: Jesus, I love You! Jesus, I love You! To rejoice, to suffer, to suffer again! All that You will, my dear lit­tle Jesus.'"

Oh, dear Thérèse, aren't you proud, aren't you blessed by the distinct preference Jesus is showing you? So young, at fifteen, He finds you already worthy to carry His Cross; He finds you worthy to suffer! What an honor for you! If you only knew what these trials do to advance your soul in the way of sanctity! You want to be a saint, a great saint. Be at peace, Jesus wills this also. He is giv­ing proof of it today.

Adieu, darling of my heart. This trip is marked with the Child Jesus' kiss, marked with His blessings! This trip has made you travel more leagues toward heaven than you have travelled on earth; this trip is a pearl in your crown… Yes, you will enter Carmel when God wills it! Oh! what a beautiful word, what a grace to have heard it from the mouth of Jesus Himself. It is an act of abandonment that you must make, that is God's will for you! How beautiful it is! Jesus seems to be sleeping in your little boat, but fear nothing, His Heart is watching. She who loves you more than herself.

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