From sister Agnès de Jésus to Thérèse - November 20 , 1887

From Agnes of Jesus to Thérèse.

November 20, 1887

J.M.J. T.


Jesus                                                  Sunday, November 20, '87

Dear little toy of Jesus,

Oh! how I'm praying for you! Do you feel it? Listen, my dar­ling, no matter what happens, be very certain that you are the lit­tle privileged one of the Holy Child Jesus. Do you know why I say this to you? Well, it's because little Jesus never sends anything but Crosses to His loved ones.... To those who don't love Him entire­ly, He sends roses; those who don't love Him entirely wouldn't love Him at all unless He did this. ... Do you understand? Oh! how blessed the little ball is whom no one wants to use except Jesus alone! The little ball that does not wish to find its pleasure except in the pleasure of its Little adorable Master! Yes, this little ball is very blessed!. . .

Darling, I don't know why I just wrote these lines, for I haven't re­ceived any news and I don't even know the day of the audience. . .

As soon as I learn when it is, I will write you again (check at the post offices of Florence, Pisa, and Genoa).

You are seeing many beautiful things at Rome, aren't you? Doesn't all this make you dream more about virtue and heaven? Think that sanctity is synonymous with suffering; think that the little heart torn by thorns is a thousand times closer to the Heart of the Child Jesus than the heart filled with joy, even holy joy. It is not our satisfaction that pleases our Jesus but our readiness to deprive ourselves of all satisfaction to please Him....

"Oh, my dear little ball," says the Holy Child Jesus, "fear nothing, you are safely in my little hands. While waiting for Carmel, make a retreat in my Heart. Don't go far from Me, for you are the toy I prefer to all others. Do you want to allow me to play always with you?" And I hear the little ball answering, while bouncing: "Jesus, Jesus, yes, yes, always!"

Adieu, my own little soul.* In joy and in sadness, you will find my heart rejoicing or weeping with you.

I hope to receive a letter from Rome soon. What will it teach me?. . . But I wait for nothing and I want nothing but the Will of my little ball's Master.

See you soon! All passes, all, all, except the love of Jesus for Thérèse and the love of Thérèse for Jesus!. . .

Agnes of Jesus

Our beloved Mother is on retreat; she is praying for the child of her heart.

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