From sister Agnès de Jésus to Thérèse - November 9 , 1887

LC 57                        From Sister Agnes of Jesus to Thérèse.

November 9, Mail addressed to Loreto, at the same time as two

1887         letters to M. Martin and Céline (omitted) and the

LT 30 note from Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart (LC 58).

My dear Thérésita,

Monseigneur is awaiting the end of the trip in order to make his decision. Today, really confide your entire affair to the Blessed Virgin. There, in that blessed house where she worked, prayed, suffered, what delightful things she is about to make your heart understand. One does not go to the Blessed Virgin's home without coming back with hands filled with graces. Oh, little home of Nazareth, you are worth a thousand times more than all the palaces of this world! There, truly, is heaven's vestibule!. . . Little Friend and fiancée of little Jesus, don't forget that He grew up under this roof of mystery. . . . Don't forget that He wept there often, very often; He wept there with love and with the desire to see all souls take flight towards Him, and He wept with sorrow when seeing so few would love Him in the future!

When the Blessed Virgin noticed that her Darling was weep­ing, it was then that she quickly placed the mysterious ball in His hand, and He smiled immediately. . . on the dear ball was writ­ten this name: Thérésita of the Child Jesus.

Adieu, adieu, little pilgrim, little toy of Jesus. Fear nothing, for Jesus says to you as He said formerly to St. Teresa: "Nobody will be able to snatch you from My Hands!"

Your confidante, Agnes of Jesus r.c.ind.

You should also pray to good St. Joseph, for he, too, worked for Him and suffered in this little house, thrice blessed.

Your little letter pleased me very much-, don't worry about your handwriting. When we are traveling this is insignificant.


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