From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse. - November 23 , 1887

From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse.

November 23, 1887


My dear Thérèse,

You can say in all truth as the virgin Agnes said: "He has set His seal on my forehead!" Yes, dear little child of Jesus, He has marked you as His little spouse with the sign of the Cross. But you would not be His if it were not this way. You would not be one of His privileged ones if you never brought your lips to His bitter chalice. But, dear child, what sweet things He is hiding from you.. . . Yes, under this cross, there are only roses. .. . It's not just to console you that I am telling you this: it is my conviction. Did you notice the word of the Holy Father addressed to you: "You will enter if God wills it!" It is very profound, little Thérèse. Ah! if you only knew what mysteries it contains!. . . "You will enter if God wills it." A word from the Holy Father is a word from Our Lord Himself; it is as though Jesus were saying to you: "My child, if I will it, you will enter; if I will it, in spite of all contradic­tions, in spite of all no's, you will enter; if I will it, tomorrow hearts will be changed, for I hold them all in my hands!" Yes, dear child, the Holy Father has spoken truly; he could not have spoken a more consoling word to you. "You will enter if God wills it!" For me this is a balm, and I would say this always without get­ting tired. He did not say to you: "Wait, child; listen to the voice of the superiors." He said: "You will enter, if God wills it!" To give joy to your heart I know that it had to hear a 'yes.' But Jesus wills to try to the limit the confidence and abandonment of His Thérésita. He wills to adorn His little ball and not break it at all. .. . Ah! He loves it too much for that. Let her heart not be troubled. Jesus is saying to her as He said formerly to His Apos­tles: "It is I! Fear not." No, Thérèse, no, there is nothing to fear, you have only to bless Jesus! This Jesus, who loves her so much, gave me a thought this evening, which I will not tell her today. I shall wait until the next letter. Let the dear little ball rest gently in the hands of the Child Jesus. If she only knew how dear she is to Him, how much He desires her for Himself alone and how He will have her at Christmas, if He willed it!!!. . .

Yes, Thérèse, yes, the Holy Father bent over to hear you. And Jesus also. . . . Ah! how He bends over with love towards His dear little toy. You know better than I that I have hardly paid any at­tention up until now to your desires. I was wondering if God's hour had not been advanced by us. But at present I know it hasn't! He has given us proofs of this. And I am sure that His will will be done. It is only that very often, my poor darling, His will is not done. . . . Very often men place obstacles in its way. But for you they will not be able to place any. Has not the Holy Father told you: "You will enter if God wills it!"

Adieu, dear little child. Let your heart rest on the Heart of Jesus.

Your Marie, who loves you.


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