From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse. - November 9, 1887

My dear little Thérèse,

I made a rash judgment, for I imagined that before reading my note you had already read through another. Is it true? And yet your poor godmother was a good prophetess. Monseigneur said what I was thinking: "It seems to me that we can wait to decide everything after the trip to Rome." I think he intends speaking about it to M. Révérony. In the meanwhile, my darling, rest in the Heart of Jesus; abandon yourself to Him, and He will not abandon His little Thérésita. At the hour, at the minute that He wills it, she will enter His own house, and He will not be hampered in the least opening the doors. I am praying for my lit­tle goddaughter, who is so much loved. Let her eat much especially in order to have strength to make her beautiful and holy pilgrimage. Do you realize that you are going to visit the true home of the Blessed Virgin and the little Jesus!. . . That is delightful. Pray for us all so that one day we will no longer see on­ly the house but Jesus Himself and His beautiful heaven. I kiss my darling Thérésita, and I tell her to hope always, for the last word has not been spoken. God reserves it to Himself. And He does well, He who loves His little Thérèse so much. He will not be able to cause her any distress.

"I am sleeping, but my Heart is watching."

Marie of the Sacred Heart



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