From sister Agnès de Jésus to Céline - November 26 (?) ,1887

From Agnes of Jesus to Céline.

November 26 (?), 1887


My dear Céline,

How good you are! How grateful we are to you for your desire for Thérèse's happiness. God is blessing you and He will bless you. We are very much touched by your conduct, and this trip will make us love you more, if that is possible.

Yes, yes, you did well in asking for a blessing for the Carmel! Our beloved Mother was delighted by it. Oh! how I would like you to be here in order to hear all this in detail.

Darling, don't believe that all is won! If you only knew how much Our Father is opposed to the entrance!... Never had I seen him before as he was on Thursday. He said that the more he goes on, the more he is rooted in his no and what a no! If you had only heard him! We can see so well that nothing could change him. However, God is permitting this. Must there not always be a bit­ter drop in the chalice of our consolations? The only way of hav­ing Thérèse enter at Christmas would be to ask M. Révérony to ask Monseigneur to write Our Father his sentiments about her. Without this, there is no way, it's too delicate a matter for us. ... How can you expect us to tell Our Father that M. Révérony is at­tending to Thérèse's vocation? This would offend him. Every­thing must come from Monseigneur and you, and nothing must give rise to the suspicion that the Carmel is acting in an under­handed way. . . . However, all is in God's hands, that is evident, and I believe that all will go well in spite of Our Father's opposi­tion; and furthermore he is always saying that if Monseigneur de­cides, the door is opened for Thérèse. But as far as he is con­cerned, if he is to decide, the door is far from being opened.

I'd like everything to be decided before your return, that is, that M. Révérony promise Papa that he will have Monseigneur write; in this way, we shall be entirely protected!. . .

Adieu, darling of my heart.

Our beloved Mother kisses you and I join my kisses to hers.

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