From sister Agnès de Jésus to Céline and Thérèse - November 8 ,1887

From Agnes of Jesus to Céline andThérèse.

November 8, 1887



November 8,'87

My dear little girls,

Are you enjoying yourselves?' Are you happy? We are happy to think that you are happy. What a beautiful trip!

Darlings, God is spoiling you very much. Love Him very much, and spoil Him in your turn by refusing Him nothing of the sacrifices He is asking from your heart. When seeing the beautiful things of this world, think that heaven and the beautiful things on high are still preferable.

When visiting the holy sanctuaries, pray for our Léonie with fervor and confidence; prayer obtains all. Let little Céline ask for herself the grace of carrying out well her present vocation and her future vocation.

Let the Benjamin pour out her little heart in front of all the Tabernacles in order to obtain the desired grace, but, before all else, that she really remain the Divine Child's toy. Who could pre­vent her, then, from belonging to Jesus? Nobody, nobody in this world. Yes, the bonds are already formed between Jesus and His little Thérèse; Jesus is already Thérèse's Fiancé and Thérèse the fiancée of Jesus. To suffer a little before the nuptials is not asking too much!... In order to enter the House of the heavenly Spouse you must have some trials, you must knock several times, you must weep, knock and weep again. Then there will come a mo­ment when the door will finally open, and what has opened the door if not desire, suffering, and love?

In order to merit the suffering of the cloister, you must bear the suffering of waiting. Oh, darling little dove, courage, the flood will pass away, soon the window will open and you will escape into the desert, into the oasis of Carmel.

Adieu, little girls, my true little ones. You will know only in heaven the affection I've had for you.

Little Céline, kiss Thérèse. Thérèse, kiss little Céline for the Lamb of Jesus, the very happy traveler in Carmel's field.

Our beloved Mother kisses her two travelers very tenderly.

When arriving at Loreto, check at the post office to see if there is a letter, for we do not have the name of the hotel and perhaps we would have to write.


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