From sr Agnès of Jésus to Céline - November 9, 1887.

From Sister Agnès of Jesus to Céline. 9th November 1887

J.M.J.T. 9th November (morning)

My petit Célin1,

If only you knew how much pleasure your two little letters gave us. Fear nothing, God shall bless your devotion and your filial love.

Yes, rejoice over your trip because of the blessed shrines you will visit, the rest doesn’t count for much in God’s eyes, although you could still offer him the little human joys that are being programmed for you, for example in seeing [1v°] beautiful paintings, that is allowed… If only you knew, my darling, how good God is.

Pray for us, for Léonie (at the Visitation Convent in Caen since 16th July)! Oh! how lucky you are today to be able to kneel in the Blessed Virgin’s little house (at Loreto)! Ask her to help you distrust the earth and all things that pass more and more, she will refuse you nothing.

Farewell my little traveler, my darling pilgrim, despite the distance I kiss you with all my heart.

Your little godmother! (of Confirmation)

Agnès of Jesus



1 Term of endearment