From sr Agnès de Jésus to Céline - November 20 , 1887.

From Agnes of Jesus to Céline.

November 20, 1887



Sunday, November 20 

Dear Céline,

Your little letters really pleased us; they are somewhat rare. We long so much for a sign of life! But now it's almost over. See how all passes! 

O my darling, doesn’t this prove to you that God alone is the eternal city of our hearts? [1 v°] I hope you have tasted many of the almost celestial beauties of the Rome of here below. This trip must increase your faith, generosity and love. You will have great need of these in life! But I do not fear because to me your soul seems to already be filled with what’s beautiful, true and good. You’re not made to find satisfaction on earth. Oh, no! Heaven is your only Homeland….

We have received some better news about Léonie! But we must not cease praying, for she is so inconstant ! We must obtain for her the energy and courage which she absolutely lacks. This is not her fault in God's eyes, but it is certain that we could not have her take on obligations without seeing her very firm in generosity. It is almost a miracle to ask for, but confidence obtains all! Let us pray! Let us pray!

And our darling Benjamin! Surely, she was not able to speak to the Holy Father. But let her not be sad; events are conducted by the Hand of the Beloved, the Hand of God! It would not be dif­ficult for Him to direct all for our satisfaction; if He directs every­thing for trial, it is because trial is better for us.

Adieu, little Older One, and darling of my heart. Our beloved Mother is on retreat; she is praying for you and I kiss you for her and myself.

Sister Agnes of Jesus r.c.ind.


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