From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - November 25-26, 1887.

From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline.

November 25-26, 1887

Not having seen the Father Superior on the 24th, Marie is not as upset as Pauline about M. Delatroëtte opposition.

Céline, just a short note to you who, however, wrote three large pages of joy to us! Is not God's conduct beautiful, is it not good to abandon oneself to Him!

Ah! What a good Heart he has! How quickly He comes to our aid the moment we suffer, the Cross hides so many treasures from us… We don’t always know this. God doesn’t show them to be so bright each time, but they are no less present and even if we don’t see them here below, we’ll see them in Heaven.

Darling Céline, you will be rewarded without any doubt for the generosity you are showing to God in giving Him your little Thérèse so lovingly. 

But you are doing well, you must be worthy of the incomparable patriarch.

It’s God who has orchestrated everything, yes everything… I have always believed (especially since the opposition of the superiors) that God wanted Thérèse. This is a proof without parallel.

I intended to tell Uncle to speak to M. le curé at St. Jacques. Now all is useless, Jesus has said everything Himself. He has al­lowed the Holy Father to say: You will enter if I will it, and He does will it, that is evident. Ah! what words; they delighted me as soon as I read them.... I am not surprised that these words are being carried out. Be happy, darling Céline, this is a blessed, an unforgettable trip....


See you soon, give Father, whom I love so much, a kiss for me and learn once again to blindly surrender yourself to Our Good Lord

Marie of the Sacred Heart

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