From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - November 24 , 1887

From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline.

November 24, 1887

My dear Céline,

You won't be annoyed by this half-page. I would like our letters to go out this morning, and I haven't the time to write very much. You should, Céline, see everything from heaven's viewpoint. . . . What do you expect? That's life.... This very beautiful trip is life, a true image of life that is never without clouds. God loves you too much to strew only roses in your path. But you must not, my darling, give yourself too much distress over Thérèse's answer. I myself find it so beautiful! The good Holy Father could not ex­press an affirmative "yes." Don't think it was M. Révérony who stopped everything. No, no. If Thérèse had spoken at greater length, the pope would not have answered her any more than he did. Our Mother says this. But I admit that I believe God has His plans in all this, ravishing plans of mercy. Live, be joyful right to the end, God wills it; live, be joyful in spite of all that can hap­pen. You will see that I am right in inviting you to joy.

Adieu, dear little sister. Be grateful to God and to our good Father, who has made you a gift of a trip like this. Be big, generous, bold. It just does not suit you to be otherwise. Be hap­py, happy, happy about the Holy Father's audience. And don't paint clouds in the sky. You would then be an unskillful artist. But if you want to see clouds at any cost, look, at the same time, at the sun hidden behind this little cloud. When it hides itself, it is only so as to become more resplendent....

I leave you as a last thought, this word from Father during the retreat: "Unfortunate are souls who are not protected by their Cross!" Oh! yes, the Cross protects, it defends, it is victory's arm.... Your sister, who loves you,

Marie of the Sacred Heart


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