From sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - November 8 , 1887

From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline.

November 8, 1887

I understood little Céline; when she will return to the dear Carmel, I will take charge of unraveling all her affairs, and this will not be long. It is useless that she be worried about her con­fessor. This is the least of her worries. At this time, my darling, be taken up with profiting from all the joys God is giving you, for there are still more on this earth. When you see such a good father who does not know what next to devise in order to please you, isn't there something to celebrate every day?

Observe well the marvels of this world in order to give us poor little hermits some news about them. Don't you know that this raises the heart to God? It is true that all is vanity under the sun, but still you yourselves are not attracted to vanity but to the holy realities of the earth, to the martyrs, to the Sovereign Pontiff. This is very beautiful.

We received your dear little letters this morning. I see that you are expert Parisians. How good this dear Father is to tire himself out so much for his imps.

Tell Thérèse that I'd rather she go to bed than that she write us at night; my dear little girls must not waste your nights in this way, for they are not long enough to give you the rest you need.

You will find in this envelope a little treat from God. How thankful you must be to Him!

I kiss my little Céline. How I love her and Our dear Mother loves her also.

Marie of the Sacred Heart

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