From Céline to sr Agnes of Jesus and sr Marie of the Sacred Heart - November 29 , 1887. Fragment.

From Celine to Agnes of Jesus and Marie of the Sacred Heart

November 29, 1887

My dear little Sisters,

Jesus seemed to have awakened a little.

! ! ! .........................................................................................

This morning, when being taken to the station, we were in the omnibus with M. Révérony. papa was next to him, and he said in a whisper: "Would you say something to Thérèse." M. Révérony answered with a smile, and Papa said: "You know that she is always thinking of her little Christmas Jesus  " The same smile, the same response. Then without being aware of anything, we got up into the omnibus, Thérèse and I, and we were behind Papa. By God's permission, Thérèse was next to M. Révérony. She was very close to him, for we were sixteen in the carriage, eight on each side, crushed in like sardines. M. Révérony leaned over to Thérèse and said to her: "Well ! where will we go when we are at Lisieux?" Thérèse, searching for an answer, responded with a smile. M. Révérony repeated his question. Thérèse then said: "I will go to see my sisters at Carmel." He answered: "We will do what we can, won't we?" "Oh! yes, " Thérèse said. "I prom­ise to do all I can." Thérèse then answered with this word which came from her heart: "Oh! Thank you!..."

This was the whole little scene; I wrote it immediately such as it took place.

Au revoir, my darlings. Pardon me for this very poorly written note, but it is on the train that I am tracing these lines and it is very difficult to write.



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