From Céline to her sisters Agnès de Jésus and Marie of the Sacred Heart - November 5-6 , 1887

From Céline to Agnes of Jesus and Marie of the Sacred Heart.

November 5-6, 1887

Schedule of the visits at Paris on the second and third days of the trip.

My dear little Sisters,

Paris is very beautiful, yes, very beautiful, but I find that my Lisieux is still more beautiful. It possesses riches that Paris knows nothing about. For me, it is heaven on earth; it contains my treasures. . . .

Today, we went to the Champs Elysées, the Tuileries; we saw the panorama and the diorama. This time, they were presenting the Bosphorus and Constantinople, and I believed I was actually there. We passed under the arc de triumph de l'Etoile, climbed up to the tower of the Bastille (250 steps); we saw the statues of the République, Joan of Arc, and Louis XVIII. We saw the royal palace, the Bourse, the Louvre Museum. There was in the Museum a head of a ravishing woman. What I do [when I paint], do you know what it is good for? To be thrown into the fire without taking the trouble to look at them. The tints are subdued and pretty, and the half-tints instead of being reddish, the way I make them, are of a bluish-pink transparency. I would believe it was the real thing. We went to the Louvre to find some raincoats, and it was only last spring that I got my bargain. Papa was helping me buy them, asking everybody where the counters were for women's raincoats; if you only knew how good he really is! We were in the elevators, and it was very amusing. Although we went often either by carriage or tramway, we are tired. Everybody is now in bed, and I'm going to do the same thing. Good night until tomorrow.

We saw, too, the grand opera and several theatres and circuses, etc.


Sunday, November 6

Today and especially towards noon, we made no headway, our feet refused any further service.

We enjoyed ourselves just the same. It was the steps at Sacred Heart that caused us so much fatigue. We made the tour of the underground church with Monseigneur de Coutances in a proces­sion; it was very pretty. The Chancel is almost finished being covered. We received Holy Communion.

This afternoon, we saw Guignol at Champs Elysées, the little wagons drawn by goats, the wooden horses, the Invalides, the Vendôme tower, a beautiful exhibition of machines for making beer, etc.

I'm going to say au revoir, because I intend writing poor Léonie.

The ink at the Grand hotel de Mulhouse seems to me less beautiful than that of the hotel du Bouloi, but I don't see the color.


papa tells me to kiss you. I kiss Mother Marie de Gonzague and all my dear ones.


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